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PJ Masks™: Hero Academy

PJ Masks™: Hero Academy

PJ Masks™: Hero Academy

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Help the PJ Masks save Hero Academy from the Nighttime Villains in this fun, problem-solving app.

Join Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko as they navigate through obstacles and defeat the baddies before they can take over the Hero Academy. Along the way, players will learn all about the fundamentals of STEAM—science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Combined with plenty of animated action and exciting stories, PJ Masks: Hero Academy is the perfect game for mini-heroes.

Fans of PJ Masks: Racing Heroes will love this logic-based game with its engaging gameplay and educational storyline. Specially designed for children between the ages of four and seven, this game artfully breaks complex concepts down into age-appropriate lessons and combines them with fun challenges for an educational game they'll look forward to playing. 

Engaging Gameplay for Excited Learning

With over fifteen  levels for PJ Masks fans to enjoy, players can choose to control Catboy, Owlette, or Gekko as they work to solve challenging puzzles and complete high-stakes adventures all before the sun comes up. Drive the Cat-Car or the Gekko Mobile to combat baddies on the ground, or fly the Owl Glider to protect the Hero Academy from aerial attacks. 

Players will work to create a path for each hero to follow to get across the Hero Academy grounds as quickly as possible. Along the way, use the PJ Masks power-ups to break through obstacles, jump to new heights, and combat Nighttime Villains. As players work to protect the Hero Academy, they'll get to explore a variety of areas in Tarabiscoville, including:

The City Canals

The park

The sports field

Players can also design and build their own race tracks using the game's -play mode. With this feature, children will nurture their innate passion for creativity while experiencing countless hours of educational fun.

Safe Gameplay Parents Can Trust

In addition to the outstanding gameplay and educational puzzles, PJ Masks: Hero Academy features a number of safety enhancements that parents can count on. With content tailored specifically to children between the ages of four and seven, parents can trust that all images and stories are completely age-appropriate. Plus, in-game ads are disabled to prevent children from viewing unwanted messaging from outside parties.

Extensive parental control capabilities give parents greater control over how the app is used, and keep little ones from accidentally authorizing any in-game purchases. Plus, offline-play compatibility means players can enjoy an educational gaming experience without the help of WiFi or data. With these safety measures in place, parents can rest easy when their child opens the PJ Masks: Hero Academy App.

Parents and children alike will love having a PJ Masks adventure available with the press of a button. Fans of the show will enjoy becoming a part of the team as they help to guide the heroes through the academy and defeat the Nighttime Villains. Plus, logic-based puzzles make for a gaming experience that is both fun and challenging.

Join the PJ Masks as they combat baddies and learn all about STEAM by downloading PJ Masks: Hero Academy today.

How to play

Launch the Game: Open PJ Masks™: Hero Academy on your device and select "Play" to begin your hero training adventure.

Understand the Objective: PJ Masks™: Hero Academy is a strategy game where you control the beloved PJ Masks characters - Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko - in their mission to save the day. Your objective is to defeat the mischievous villains and complete various missions to restore peace to the city.

Character Selection: At the beginning of the game, you will have the option to choose your hero. Each character possesses unique abilities and skills that will aid you in your missions. Catboy is fast and agile, Owlette has the power of flight, and Gekko has super strength. Select the character that best suits your playing style and preferences.

Operate the Game: PJ Masks™: Hero Academy is typically played using touch controls. Tap or swipe on the screen to navigate your character, activate special abilities, and interact with objects in the environment. Pay attention to the on-screen prompts and instructions to progress through the game.

Complete Missions and Challenges: The game features a variety of missions and challenges that require strategic thinking and problem-solving. Follow the objectives given to you in each level, such as rescuing captured citizens, collecting items, or defeating villains. Explore the colorful environments and utilize your character's unique abilities to overcome obstacles and accomplish your goals.

Upgrade Your Heroes: As you progress through the game, you can earn points or collect special items to upgrade your heroes' abilities and unlock new powers. Take advantage of these upgrades to enhance your heroes' performance and tackle tougher challenges.

Teamwork is Key: In certain levels, you may have the opportunity to switch between PJ Masks characters. Utilize their individual strengths and work as a team to overcome obstacles and defeat villains. Cooperation and coordination among the heroes are essential for success.

Explore the PJ Masks Universe: PJ Masks™: Hero Academy offers an immersive experience in the vibrant world of PJ Masks. Take the time to explore the various levels, interact with familiar characters from the series, and enjoy the rich storytelling.

Tips for Success:

Pay attention to the objectives and instructions given at the start of each level to know what needs to be accomplished.

Utilize each character's unique abilities strategically to overcome challenges and enemies.

Collect as many tokens, power-ups, and special items as you can to enhance your hero's abilities and progress faster.

Take note of the different enemy patterns and behaviors to anticipate their movements and plan your actions accordingly.

Keep an eye on your hero's health bar and collect health power-ups when needed to stay in top shape.

Practice your timing and precision in executing attacks and using special abilities for maximum effectiveness.

With these tips and strategies in mind, you're ready to dive into the exciting world of PJ Masks™: Hero Academy. Join Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, and their friends in their heroic missions, defeat the villains, and become a legendary hero in the PJ Masks universe!


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