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Block Craft 3D:Building Game

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Most online and offline games with architectural gameplay feature a city with boring stones, glassware, and dull cement. In line with that, many players are searching for something new that lets anyone create a village of their desired aesthetic.

If you are searching for a good game you can play during your leisure time, you should give Block Craft 3D a try. Here's an overview of the game.

Because of its unique gameplay and exciting features, Block Craft 3D has gained millions of downloads from gamers worldwide.

Because of this, Block Craft 3D became a great alternative to online games with a creative sandbox genre. On the other hand, it is worth noting that Block Craft 3D does not come with a survival game feature. This is because it only focuses on the creative element of the game.

In other words, this might not be the best for you if you like games with adventurous and fighting scenes. However, if you like building crafts and designing villages, this might be a perfect game you should try. You can bring your dream village into reality. Moreover, it also promotes socialization as it allows you to show your concept to other players and ask for their recommendations.

On the other hand, Block Craft 3D offers an extensive library of village blueprints that serve as your guide.

The good thing about Block Craft 3D is that it has essential features that help you build your town from scratch. However, you might think that constructing your village from nothing might be impossible, especially if you don't know anything about building structures.

But worry no more! You can build a town by just assembling the blocks of various forms and colors in a manner that best suits your design preferences. Moreover, Block Craft 3D will not limit your imagination. How your town will look will vary depending on how you design and construct it. Aside from that, the town you created can serve as a boundless area to build various houses and parks.

Gamers who have played this game claim that the gameplay is stunningly natural and beautiful. A town with no villagers would be boring and useless. Therefore, you must construct more structures and buildings to attract villagers to stay in your town.

Aside from that, you may also encounter other individuals or even monsters that may attempt to ruin your settlement. Because of this, it is best to equip yourself with firearms or weapons close at hand to defend your community.

Aside from building a village, Block Craft 3D allows you to go on a hunting trip only if you want to. Overall, the game's visuals live up to their outstanding reputation. When you are the one working on building your town, you can ignore everything else and focus on your designs while appreciating the beautiful scenery around you.

How to play

The first thing you should do is to view the brief tutorial offered by the game. The tutorial will teach you the basic construction skills needed for building a simple cabin. After that, you can start developing your town according to your taste.

This gives you a sense of having a personal mini-hub full of construction activities. The best thing about this game is that all block shapes and colors you will need for construction are readily available. One of the great features of the game is its blueprint planning system.

The blueprint planning system lets you choose a village template from its various collection. After that, you can use the blueprint as your guide on where to put each block to replicate the construction design. With this template handy, you can quickly and more conveniently finish your village.

Employing these templates will make the actual construction process simpler. All you have to do is to arrange the translucent blocks by position. On the other hand, Block Craft 3D also comes with in-game gems. Using these gems will help you finish the construction activities immediately. You can earn premium currency gems by completing each level throughout the gameplay.

Choosing attractive, high-quality templates is essential, considering that the look of your village will significantly depend on the building templates you select. Fortunately, Block Craft 3D offers you professionally designed and aesthetic-looking building templates to help you construct a beautiful and unique town.

Aside from the pre-designed templates, the game also lets the players acquire new and uncommon blocks that they can use to beautify their cities. This is a great idea to make your town distinct from the other players.

Another customization option you will love about this game is its pet feature. This feature lets you create adorable animals in your towns, such as elephants, giraffes, cats, and dogs. On the other hand, you can also explore other players' towns. This will give you an idea of what to build, add, or decorate to make your village more beautiful.

The trending villages feature is helpful for players who are not creative enough or have run out of building ideas. However, keep in mind that it is supported by a payment and leveling system that serves as the foundation for game innovation and advancement. The payment system is essential for the game to enhance its features and construction activities further.

If you used to play Minecraft or other games with similar construction and design aspects, Block Craft 3D is a great alternative to try. This game lets you check the housing designs done by other players while you design and build your community at the same time.

Aside from exploring the other players' village creations, you can also vote on the best and most preferred village design template. Moreover, the game offers pre-made block designs and templates to let you use customized and improved blocks.

Overall, Block Craft 3D is best for players who want to improve their skills in building and designing structures. Have you tried this game yet? Share your experience below!


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