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Getting Over It

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"Overcoming Difficulties" is a heartbreaking action game. The reason why it is difficult to pass the "reason" is because of its unique operation. It controls a man sitting in a jar and climbing a mountain with a hammer. Second, because there is no level archive, even if it climbs higher, it won't work. If you put it down carefully, you may start again, with a retro BGM. This will make you emotional.

The game has extremely unique and full of inexplicable adventures. The main gameplay in the game is to reach the destination from the spawn point in different levels, but the player controls a person in a jar. The only thing that can be used is A hammer. Through the role of the physics engine, the hammer is used as a support point to keep oneself moving, but its operation is far from as simple as imagined. This is a protracted battle.

The game is very difficult, and it is rare to make people feel a touch of sadness. In this new work, you play the role of a cat in a cauldron, holding a hammer in your hand, and your goal is to climb the mountain ahead. Of course, the physical mechanism and operation methods of the game can also be seen in the trailer, but the difficulty is On the one hand, as the author said, "I made this game just to hurt that kind of people."

How to play

The operation of the game is relatively simple. The player controls the hammer in the protagonist's hand to cross the mountain, while the bald muscular man sits on the tank. The hammer is used to climb and cross obstacles. Players can only control the hammer in the game. To play games, there is no mobile method. The hammer can be pushed down to become a recommendation, or it can be climbed into the hook in other directions. The removal and operation of the game is very simple, but the game is very difficult. I hope you can pass the entire level with patience.

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  • ByNilece
    I like that he's in a pot hehe
  • ByJunkook
    oooo sexeh
  • ByAndre
    I like it a lot
  • Byanna
    i like getting over it
  • Bymaddieh
    best game ever


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