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"Terraria" is a high degree of freedom sandbox game developed by Re-Logic, which was released on PC on May 16, 2011. Players can do many things in the game: make weapons to defeat all kinds of enemies and communities; dig underground to find equipment accessories, money and other useful things; collect resources such as wood, stone, ores; use everything in the world to create you Need something and guard it.

The entire game world is destructible. After destroying certain obstacles, you can find various resources such as stone, wood, iron ore or other equipment. Of course, as you continue to deepen, you will also encounter various monsters. The main task is to allow players to use various resources to create all kinds of weird things according to their own ideas, so the players are full of motivation to explore. Life on the ground alternates day and night. In the morning, players can run around and build various shelters, etc.; when night falls, zombies and various eyeballs will appear, and they can only kill them or even escape. However, the dark underground is the real excitement. Some necessities players can find on the surface, but rare materials will only appear underground. The underground world is like a traditional 2D action game. From giant slimes, skulls, worms to all kinds of bugs, it is quite colorful. If the focus of the ground is construction and exploration, then the underground is where players fight.

How to play

Completely customize by changing the layout of the control!

• Controller support!

• Multiple enemies fight, defeat and plunder.

• In dense forests, barren deserts, dungeons, underworlds and even terrible corruption, there are more than 20 biomes and small biomes exploring above and below ground!

• Easy to learn in-depth architectural options, but allows master architects to master amazing architectural feats.

- Professional Critic -


The open sandbox game like terraria is to explore simulated business battles. The content and skills of the game need to be explored by the player, instead of letting the system put the method in front of you and let you do it step by step. Speaking of being unfriendly to novices, powerful technologies are all exchanged for time, so you must play seriously to find the real fun of terraria!

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  • By5422197310
    istem doğan
  • Byremmie
    i love this game its a=so fun to play
  • Byalex
    very good game i love playing on it and its by far one of the best games
  • Byalex
    very good game i love playing on it and its by far one of the best games
  • Byfan
    fun game


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