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Bendy and the Ink Machine

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Looking for a game that will provide endless entertainment? Want to be challenged and thrilled to a whole new level? If yes, then you should give Bendy and the Ink Machine a shot. This survival horror game has it all. Compared to other similar games in this genre, this mobile game (also made its way to home consoles) stands apart due its stunning graphics, gripping storyline, and interesting gameplay. The game's old-school cartoon art style will be a fresh change from the other games you are playing. This action-horror first person game will keep you at the edge of your seat. To know more about Bendy and the Ink Machine and how to play it, do read on.

Don't let your guard down when playing this game! This easy yet enticing game has a surprise waiting for you at every corner. Your gaming style will definitely be challenged with this first person combat game. Work on mind-blowing puzzles and get to learn some creepy hidden secrets along the way. This helped the game to provide an interesting gaming experience. The game is designed to get you invested in the horror-filled storyline and the most beloved character out of many, Bendy.

A unique thing about this survival, nostalgic game is that the gameplay is divided into different chapters. After starting the game, you will be introduced to Henry Stein, a retired animator.The real fun starts when Henry had to return to this creepy animation company after getting an invitation from an old friend, Joey Drew. 

Henry will soon find out the truth about the so-called Ink Machine. You have to travel through the deep underground levels present under the animation company/studio. You will be informed more on what's going on and what your objective is as the chapters proceed. There some advanced features of Bendy and the Ink Machine that had helped to bring relaxation and entertainment to so many players, and they are:

This is a first person puzzle game with a horror-action backdrop making it an interesting game.

The visuals of the game are captivating. The can expect high-quality graphics at the highest settings.

The mystery surrounding the game makes the environment exploration part of the game fun and exciting.

The game is designed to make you perform actions like jumping and running to move forward in the chapters by performing the required tasks.

You can have to collect items while/after the task that can help you to restore Henry's health in Bendy and the Ink Machine.

The combat part will be aided by many melee-based weapons like scythe, plunger, pipe, or an ax. Special long-range weapons are also there like Empty Bacon Soup cans and/or Tommy Gun. 

In order to provide a clear description of this game, the objective of it has to be mentioned. Simplify, try to outsmart the enemies and try not to die (fail) in the game. You have to be tactical and keep away from the in-game enemies and strike when necessary. You have to work your brain to outsmart the enemies as they all have different resilience to damage and different strength level. 

How to play

Don't be fooled by the game's simple interface! Bendy and the Ink Machine can provide a unique gaming experience. The scary, gruesome storyline has turned this simple combat first person puzzle-solving game to something different. Once you get past the introductory part of the game, you'll be bombarded with fun and challenging gameplay.

You can see from the description that the game's rules and condition will not be complex or difficult to understanding in any chapter. If you are wondering how to play it, then the following steps can help:

Step 1:At first you will be presented with two options, New Game and Select Chapter. As you are playing the game for the first time, you have to select the New Game option after which you will be presented with the story. 

Step 2:Moving Pictures is the first chapter. The eerier background score will be mixed with your character's point of view/commentary signalling that the game has began. A New Objective banner will come on the screen for you. You have to play according to what you will see on this the objective box. The game is most-definitely uncomplicated as along with the objective you will be provided with a Tip that acts as a hint to complete your goal.

Step 3:The bottom left corner of the screen will have controls that you can use to move around. The bottom right corner of the screen will have additional options/controls that will help you to advance in Bendy and the Ink Machine better. Navigate the studio to complete your task. You are just learning how to play this game, take this time to really appreciate the graphics and animations of the game. You can even move the POV up to the ceiling that speaks how detailed the game is. Notifications like when to jump or interact will be informed to you so that you can move forward in the game accordingly and effectively.

Step 4:As you move along, you will come across more objectives. You have to complete all tasks to complete the first chapter after which you will be allowed to move to the second chapter of the game. The "studio" will have different objects lying around. This game is fun, engaging and interactive as you can perform certain task with the objects present. 

Step 5:While paying, you can collect items like Bacon Soup cans to use later when you have to improve the health of your character. You can collect other useful items used for different purposes as well. You will also come across voice logs that can provide further information about what is really going on.

The intriguing world of Bendy and the Ink Machine and the transfixing narrative sets this game apart from the rest. The art style is nostalgic and stunning and fitting for this horror first person game. The fun and simple puzzles will keep you coming back for more. Share your gaming experience and how to play it in the below comment section. Your insight will help out new players extensively; they will be encouraged to have a keen interest in the game.


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FCA Studios

Its soooooo great, the hardest part is the ride and not because of lag its because of how fast it goes, i also wanna notify you about chapter 4, when brute boris starts to throw carts when he hits you you die and when you crawl through the tunnel it doesnt respond you, and when you try to beat beast bendy He starts to run into the wall and its soooo annoying so if you can fix it that would be great

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    i love this game like fnaf
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    this game is so cool
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