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Do you love to party? Don't limit yourself then and be  to join any club for the party! With the help of this game, Gacha Club, you can enjoy having different types of clubs. You can join them and start to party. This game is a casual game for fun and entertainment. If you are looking for a game that can help you to cope up with your boredom, then this is probably the best option to consider. To know more about this game and how you can play it, read on. 

Get ready to start the party. But before that you have to know that you must create an anime style avatar of your own. As this is a role-playing mobile game, you will have to take up the role of a party goer. You can dress up that avatar in any way you like it. You can choose from several outfit options, hairstyle choices and more. After your anime is completely ready, you can also create different scenes that you will like to create. Let your imagination and creativity flow . It is your world and you can do anything like the way you want to. You can pick a background of your choice that you also customize completely according to your need. The best part of this game is it is  to play and there is no need for any in-app purchase as well. 

Isn't this game sounds interesting? But we are not done yet as there are many more features to this game. You can choose different modes to battle it out with other clubs to be at the top. There are more than 180 units that you can use for battling. Talking about the features of this game, here are some of the most prominent features that will get to experience:

● Get a lot of options to customize the characters

● Over more than 600 different poses for characters

● Customized profile for the characters

● Can add about 10 characters on your screen

● You can save and load about 15 different scenes 

● Play some amazing and fun mini games like Mascot Whack

● Offline gaming is available

With so many amazing features to talk about, you can surely experience all these in the game of Gacha Club.The gameplay is quite simple. But the graphics is quite great. You will love the animation and high quality graphic resolution of this game.

As mentioned earlier, this game is for fun and entertainment. You don't have to brainstorm to solve any puzzle or you do not have to create strategies. Simply customize, create, party and enjoy the game thoroughly. In the next section, we will discuss about how you can play this game perfectly to earn more coins and gems. 

How to play

From the above description about the game, it is quite evident that will surely enjoy this game. To make sure that you can get the best possible fun or entertainment, you need to know how you can play this game in the perfect way possible. Though the game is quite simple and easy, we have provided a short yet an information instruction on how you can play it.

All you have to do is to follow the steps that are mentioned below to start playing the game. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step #1

Once you start this game, you must make sure to go straight to creating a character or avatar for you.You can customize the outfit, looks and more with the help of the different options present. Besides your character, you will also get to play with other characters. There are many characters from different units - light units, fire units, wind units, water units, dark units, shadow units and DJ units. You can play with any characters you want in Gacha Club. 

Step #2

Now you need to start the Studio Mode where you can join club and create different sceneries according to your wish. You will be able to add about 10 characters (your wish) on the screen. It can be anywhere. You can also add different objects and pets to the scene too. You can make the character talk in a group or to one another privately. You will get to customize the text boxes according to your needs. Talking about the scenes, you can save about 15 of them and load it anytime you want. 

Step #3

Now it is time for you to enter competitive mode and battle it out to win. There are more than 180 different units from different elements (as mentioned above). You can choose different characters from those units along with different pets. Battle and ensure that you are winning. You can collect some of the best DJ characters and rare corrupted for the game. More you find these rare and special characters, your chances to win increase. You can select from 4 different modes of battle - Training, Story, Shadows of Corruption and Tower. 

Step #4

Play the mini games that are present in this game. These mini games are for fun and you can play some of the best games like Usagi vs Neko and Mascot Whack here. You have to collect bytes and gems in order to gacha for some more characters. These are  to play and you can easily farm to get more gems. 

This is exactly how to play this game. If you are interested in playing, then go to Gacha Club and start playing. It is fun and interesting. Hope you will love it. Once you play the game, make sure to share your thoughts and experience about the gameplay in the comment section below. Your experience or reviews can help the new players to know more about this game. It can help them to play the game and get interested in playing it too.


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  • ByMaricio Silva
    omg i love making animations with my epic girlfriends i made angles and devils
    Helpful (5)
  • ByJayde
    I love gacha club because we make our own person and what we wanted in that.
    Helpful (9)
  • Bydakota gann
    It’s So fun and I wish I can play this on y tablet for free-
    Helpful (4)
  • ByKaydenn
    I really love it and it is so good
    Helpful (7)
  • By<3 e-man 6th g kkkkkkk
    I love this game cuz you're going to create your own character keep making more games please.
    Helpful (5)
  • ByMili
    Gacha club is the best game ever cause you can make what ever you want and its so freaking fun!!!!
    Helpful (6)
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