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Top Drives Car Cards Racing

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Do you like to play strategy games? If yes, then this article is for you as here you will get to know about - Top Drives Car Cards Racing which is the ultimate driving strategy game. Now, let's not reveal everything here and jump directly into the description. 

Top Drives - Car Cards Racing is a strategy driving game where you have to collect cards and cars to compete with the world-class players in this game. 

It allows you to drive on a variety of tracks, and roads and face challenges. Many thrilling obstacles are quite hard to cross sometimes but are always very unique. Like the asphalt circuit and the gas kit, there is one of that dangerous obstacles. If you cross that place then congratulations for you have won the half battle otherwise in just one hit you and your car will be left to pieces in the blast. Thus it is a game of skill!

You can build your racing deck to take supercharged action against your rivals, friends, or other players. The Top Drive will challenge your skills every next moment with its high-octane car driving challenges, motorheads, petrol heads, difficult turns, and whatnot. So get ready to test your skills and show how good a racer you are! 

What makes Top Drives the most loved car racing game is all these features but are there more? Yes, the Top drive has got many amazing features for its players which include: 

● 1900 + licensed cars 

● Access to expensive cars like McLaren, Pagani, Bugatti Mustang, Audi, Mercedes, and many such devil toys 

● Bench racing game with Real Stats of Cars made from the Evo

● 100+ racing challenges 

● Amazing graphics and awards

● Upgrade, manage and tune all your car stocks 

● Various themes like hill climbs, drag strips, and race circuits

● Live multiplayer challenges

● Players from all over the world

● Multiple types of surfaces and weather surfaces which included asphalt snow and dirt tracks

● Stunning graphics and car photography covered in one of the best top world magazines

● Fun racing, addictive turbocharged strategy gameplay

Experience the real thrill by starting to play the game, collecting all the coolest rides that lie in your way, don't forget to customize those with new upgrades, and then buy new tools by selling them and building your dream garage. 

Complete your fast single-player mode campaigns with Top Drive and fight the speed battles in the multiplayer mode. Yes, you guessed it right that Top Drive is a good combination of motor-head racing and a card collecting theme.

So, this was all about the description of this game. Now what you have to do is play it as soon as possible and unleash the best rewards ever. Didn't worry the post is not ending here as told in the beginning that you will be sharing every information possible about this game. Therefore follow the next section on "how to play" and know how you can have a hold over this game !

How to play

It is no wonder that as soon as you tap on the play button of the game or will start but what you have to do next is instructed as follows :


First, select the car that you want to continue the game with then try it and customize it according to yourself but before that don't forget to choose the mode in which you want to play Top Drive. So, if you are playing with your friend then choose the multiplayer mode and face the speed challenges but if you're all alone play the game and choose the single-player mode and complete the campaigns.

Stage #2 

After you have chosen a mode, suppose the single-player one then completes the campaigns by collecting what lies on your path and then finishing the path in one go. If you hit any obstacle then it will decrease your lifelines and in the end, you will be thrown to start the race from the beginning which will cost you time and decrease your scores on the dashboard.

If you have chosen the multiplayer mode and are playing with your friends then you can face the challenges together and give your rival a bad hit. Always be high in the game as you are not only competing with the local racers but also with the international ones as well. Your scores will be displayed on the dashboard and if you're a regular racer and challenger then you might get the chance to be in the top ranks in the live game. So, be serious!

Stage # 3

The game doesn't end with just completing the finish line or winning the challenges. It has more than that. You have to build your dream garage by selling the cards that you collected while racing. Selling them will earn you cash with which you can buy tools and create your garage. Charge or repair your supercars and give them sufficient rest so that they can have a great entry in the next challenge.

How to get an edge over other players in this game? So, here is the secret - fuse your cars and exceed the limit of your hot wheels. This is the only way and not any shortcut. Only with the best combination of grip, handling, and performance can you become the master of this game.

It's no doubt that if you love to play fast and furious games then Top Drive is going to take up all your time. Therefore play it carefully as because of its realistic battles, cars, and graphics the game is highly addictive. 

So, this was all about Top Drive Car Cards Racing. Don't worry it is all  for you so you don't have to look in your pockets and your friends as well. 

Go,  enjoy driving the most expensive cars in the world. In the end, don't forget to share your experience in the comments section below to help your fellow players!


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