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Temple Run 2

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Temple Run 2 is the sequel to Temple Run, developed by Imangi Studios. As in its predecessor, players will control their characters as they run forward.

An explorer steals an idol from an ancient temple and is then chased by monsters. On the way of running, will encounter various obstacles, to control the character at the right time to avoid obstacles.

Compared with its predecessor, Temple Run 2 has significant differences in sound effects and colors. In addition, in the game content has also made some changes.

Temple Run 2 has added many new ways to play, including steel cable, mine car, cliff, traps, etc.. But in the gameplay is basically the same as the previous game, the biggest difference is that players need to react faster. Because in Temple Run 2, there will be continuous traps appear, after doing the last action, need to immediately react to the next trap operation.

In addition to the above changes, Temple Run 2 also has a lot of differences from Temple Run.

But the only thing that remains the same is that Temple Run 2 is very challenging and requires players to have enough patience and skills. If you like Temple Run games, don't miss it, come and experience the upgraded Temple Run 2 now!

How to play

Temple Run 2 is the sequel of Temple Run, in the gameplay is roughly the same. By tilting the device to control the character left and right movement. Slide your finger up to control the character to jump; slide your finger down to control the character to slide; slide your finger left to control the character to turn left; slide your finger right to control the character to turn right. On the way to run, by controlling the character to collect gold coins and avoid obstacles.

In Temple Run 2, there are four game characters for players to choose from, and different characters can each set a special skill. Players can choose from stunts such as shield, coin collection, acceleration and magnet.

At the same time, Temple Run 2 added "resurrect in place after death function. But the use of this feature requires diamonds, and the number of diamonds required increases with the number of resurrections.

The game has many mission challenges waiting for players to complete in the escape, and completing the tasks will earn certain rewards.


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