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Granny 3

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Hello and welcome to Grandma 3!

Grandma and Grandpa have a new home together.

As usual, they do nothing but walk around the house and keep watch, so no one invades their territory.

As a prisoner, you must try to get out of there before the end of the fifth day.

As usual, Grandma will hear if you drop something on the floor or if you happen to walk on a creaky floor.

Grandpa can't hear very well but he likes to shoot everything that moves with his shotgun.

Then we have Grandma's granddaughter Slendrina, who appears from time to time and tries to make your involuntary stay more difficult.

If you see her, avert your eyes as quickly as possible because her gaze can kill.

You can hide under the bed, on the sofa or in the wardrobe, but for God's sake, don't jump into the moat.


How to play

In this game you are locked up in your grandmother's house and you need to escape from the old hag!

The grandmother in this one is not as fast as the mother-in-law walks, it is the grandmother difficult mode can also walk outside

1, the game you need to use a hammer to smash open the wooden board blocking the exit, use the pliers game to cut in the door of the electronic lock (and cut) to open the basement granny to open the lock), use the blue key to open the door on the small lock, use the code card to open the door on the code lock, and finally the red key to open the door to escape

2, in the game you randomly touch down what furniture will be outside the recruit, so pay attention to the position

3, be clamped by the clip when the quasi-clamp clip will appear to move the button, it is easy to clip

4, there are other uses for this magic prop. The board demolition hitching bridge, and smashing the camera. The pliers demolish the power to open the electricity room, you can take the escape with props

5, the game has two yellow keys, a full yellow key is to open the underground safe, the other a yellow key is to open the cabinet to save the crossbow. Crossbow shot tranquilizer let grandmother one one time can not move, simple mode 2 sections can not move, one general mode 1 minute, difficult 30 seconds mode.

6, pay attention to one floor door call bell, you walk over will trigger the grandmother to lure over

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  • Byla'kyah
    i think it's going to be ScArY
  • Byavien
    i like this game



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