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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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Fortnite: Which Epic Adventure Battle Will You Choose?

Pick your battle in this player versus player shooting game created for hours of entertainment. Select your adventure from PUBG in Battle Royale, design your own world in Creative Mode, or engage in an action-building campaign to prevent global demise in Save the World. What will you select?

Decide on which character you want to be and drop into an island to begin a realistic game of survival of the fittest. Select from a variety of adventure-seeking battles to see if you have what it takes to make it on your own. 

Bored with the games you see? Then design your own world governed by your own rules for play. The only limit is your imagination.

There are four unique game modes to select from depending on what adventure you feel like. Fortnite is continually changing to provide new, and better experiences. Gamers will never tire of playing the same thing continually as the platform is ever-evolving.

What Makes Fortnite So Popular?

In Fortnite, users have the ability to gain XP to go towards a Battle Pass. By subscribing to Fornite Crew, you will receive the Battle Pass as well. 

What Makes Battle Pass so Highly Coveted?

Battle Pass allows you to access new seasons, islands, and unique outfits to use in the game. Players will love going into combat dressed as their favorite superhero! Channel your inner bounty hunter with Boba Fett or swing from tall buildings with Spider-Man. With new characters continually being created, the next one could end up being your new favorite.

Game Modes in Fortnite: What Can You Do?

Each game mode in Fortnite offers a unique component and different way of play. It allows you to change up what type of battle you want to engage in.

Battle Royale

Exit the Battle Bus for the adventure of a lifetime!  This isn't your regular shooting game, though. You have to work to survive.

Weaponless, players are airdropped on an island. Once landed, it becomes survival of the fittest as players scavenge for materials for survival while eliminating other players. Things are just that simple, as the island continually shrinks from a toxic storm. Being outside the safe zone means you can experience damage, or potentially be eliminated.

Closer quarters encourage more player interactions until there is only one person, duo, or team standing. Will it be you?

Save the World

A sudden storm eliminates 98% of the world's population leaving only a few behind. Worse yet, those left behind find their existence threatened by zombie-like husks. Players become the commander who is responsible for protecting the base, finding resources, and saving the remaining survivors whose life depends on you.

Defending equipment provides players with information on the storm, or will help you in pushing it back. As players progress they are awarded with weapon schematics, hero characters, and survivors.


Design your own adventure in creative by designing your own island. Create games like race courses, areas for battle, and platforming challenges. Then, invite friends to compete in your own epic battle.

Fortnite allows players to participate in multiple levels of battle and is continually evolving. Staying up to date with the latest trends is never boring and is designed to engage various levels of play.

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How to play

Fortnite is an online game that combines various elements of building, tower defense, and survival.

In Fortnite, the player's main objective is to continuously collect resources, build forts and defeat opponents. However, in different game modes, the game objectives and gameplay will also vary.

In the PvP mode, players compete with the remaining 99 players to collect resources, weapons, and successfully defeat their opponents to become the final winner.

In the PvE mode, players will expand the fortress and create traps to defend against monsters.

In the  Build mode, there is no set way to play, where players will use their imagination to create unique islands and more!

Basic character controls.

W A D S controls the character forward, left, right, backward

Use the space bar to control the character to jump

Ctrl key to switch between standing and crouching

Other controls.

After finding the target, you can use the right mouse button to determine the location, click the left button to fire

Click E button to select the use

R key to control loading and rotate the building

Need to repair or upgrade use the F key

Change building material/reset building edit: Right mouse button

Tab/M can switch the map

I hope players can find a different landscape in the game and experience a different kind of survival game!


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