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Sonic Jump

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Quick Dr. Eggman is getting away! Sonic Jump is a must for all Sonic the Hedgehog series enthusiastic. The premises of this mobile platformer game is simple. You just have to jump and spin to smash your way in some amazing Sonic the Hedgehog influenced virtual world. Your goal is simple - battle the one and only Dr. Eggman while your leaping through the virtual world. You will be playing as the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog. Besides the main character, you can also play as other famous characters of the series like - Blaze, Silver, Rouge, Amy, Knuckles, and Tails. The gaming experience provided by this causal cartoon-themed game is what sets this mobile game apart from others available. Not only you will be playing as these famous, well-loved characters, but you will be able to master their special powers and use them to attach the enemy. To know what more this action-packed platformer game has to offer and how to play it, do read on.

Don't let Dr. Eggman win, use the rings provided in the game to your advantage to level up faster! As you advance through the different levels, you will be able to collect rings provided via the gameplay. There are many uses of the rings, like - powering up your characters, unlocking new characters, and more. These rings are quite necessary to advance through the different levels of Sonic Jump. If you are playing it for the first time, then you not have enough rings to advance as per your desire and gaming goal. The game has allowed the players to purchase rings in stores. So, you have this option if you wish to progress in this game faster and more efficiently.

The gaming mode of a game plays an important role when providing a description of a game. So, let's discuss the gaming modes of Sonic Jump. The game has two different gaming modes, and they are:

● Story Mode

● Arcade Mode

These two gaming modes makes this single-player mobile game different from other platformer games available. If you select the Story Mode, then your gameplay will be in format of a storyline where you have to advance through 48 different levels in order to bring down Dr. Eggman and win the game!

But what if you are a competitive gamer? Don't worry as the game offers the Arcade Mode for all players. If you select the second gaming mode, then you will be playing with other players from all over the world. Here the Level system is not there, instead you will be competing against other players to see who can jump the highest. So, you can see that then gameplay for the both the modes are different. For the Arcade Mode, you goal is simple - get the best scores and rule over the global leaderboards.

There are many other advantageous features of Sonic Jump that makes it a favorite for players looking for a fun and exciting gaming experience. Some of them are:

● Special mission with special rewards to win both the gaming modes.

● Explore stunning and crowd-favorite virtual worlds through the gameplay like - Mechanical Zones, Jungle, Mountain, Blue Sky, and the epic Green Hill Zone.

● High-quality and captivating graphics and animation.

● Easy gaming controls; simple Tap and Tilt format of gaming controls.

How to play

From the description provided above, you can guess this stylized mobile game was designed to be entertaining. The rules and conditions of the gameplay has been kept simple so that players can enjoy unlimited relaxing yet interesting gaming experience. 

One of the best things about Sonic Jump is that the game is easy-to-grab. As per its thousands of players from across the whole world, the gameplay is simple, easy, and fun. May it be the Story Mode or Arcade Mode; the game is designed to help you advance faster by providing rewards along the way. 

If you are a beginner, or just ready to start this game now looking for tips on how to play the game effectively from the 1st Level only, then these next steps can help:

Step 1

The first thing that you will see is the home page of the game. Under the logo, you will get two options - Story and Arcade. You can choose accordingly and continue the gameplay. Under these two modes, three other options or buttons will be present for setting the game, knowing your rewards, and shopping for virtual items. Please select Story button to start the 1st Level.

Step 2

You will be taken to a new page; you will see the different levels on your screen. The virtual world that you start with will be the famous Green Hill Zone. Act 1 is your 1st Level. The other Levels will be locked and will be available one by one as you advance through the levels. Select Act 1 to continue.

Step 3

Once you start the 1st Level or Act 1, you will be introduced to the storyline in form of comic strip styling. As you advance through the levels more of the story will be relieved to you. The gameplay will start when you will see the virtual world on your screen. Sonic the Hedgehog is ready at the bottom of your screen. You goal is to go up the different platforms set one above another in an unsystematic manner. Some platforms will be empty, some will have rings hovering on it, and some will have unwanted obtacles. You have to use tap and tilt motions to move up accordingly, collect rewards and items, and clear the 1st Level. The game will provide tutorial, guidance, and information that will help you to clear the level faster and advance quicker. So, do pay attentions to these pop-ups while you play.

So, these were the steps on how to play this game if you choose the Story Mode. If you are a beginner, it is highly advisable that you try on the Arcade Mode from time to time. As you will only be jumping along another player and not advancing through any levels, you can really practice you jumping skills in the game. The better your jumping skills in Sonic Jump, the faster you will be able to advance through a level with desired amount of rings and other rewards. Once you have mastered the game, do share your own tips to play the game in the below comment section. Your advice will be helpful to other interested players. 


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