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Sonic Jump
Adventure strategy parkour entertainment anime single player free cartoon Casual boys girls challenge Fun simple Sonic Jump
  • Version : 2.0.3
  • Updated : January 15, 2019
  • Size : 48.1MB
  • Developer : Sega of America

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Sonic is a very popular little blue hedgehog, he is smart, kind and very cute. In Sonic Jump, he will open a new round of adventure.

Sonic and his friends have to stop Dr. Egghead's plot, follow the ship, defeat Dr. Egghead, and save the animals!

Players will control Sonic in the game to jump, avoid obstacles, and collect the aperture in the level.

Game features.

1. A variety of characters, Sonic, Tars, Nack, Amy, Rocky, Schiffer, Blaze will join the adventure, players choose their own.

2. Two modes, story mode and arcade mode

3. New classic Sonic level world adventure

4. Rich game props

5. Interesting challenges and tasks

Sonic Jump opens up a fun jumping action game for you! Show off your skills in different game modes! Challenge yourself to greater heights in the endlessly continuing arcade mode and compete with friends from all over the world!

How to play

Sonic Jump This version of Sonic will no longer run, but as the name suggests, constantly jumping, vertical vertical jump over the game's various pedals.

There are two game modes: "Story Mode" and "Arcade Mode"; in Story Mode, the level map and end point are pre-determined, while in Arcade Mode, the springboard is randomly generated and there is no end point, and the player's goal is to reach as high as possible.

Controlling Sonic Jump is very simple, players only need to tilt the screen to the left or right to control Sonic. After landing Sonic on the pedal, Sonic will jump automatically, at this time, if the player wants Sonic to jump higher, you can tap the screen to make Sonic jump higher.

On the way forward, players have to let Sonic's body touch more apertures. The apertures collected in each level will be accumulated, and these accumulated apertures can help players buy more props or unlock more game characters.


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