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Clash of Kings

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Clash of Kings is a real-time strategic war game. You will compete with friends and players around the world for control of 7 fantasy kingdoms. Build a huge empire, stand among the kings, clash with enemies, while exploring your own realm and win powerful If you like PVP (player-to-player) or multiplayer online games, then you will love this basic castle defense game.

The game adopts the settings of the same server all over the world, Android, IOS, and even PC, data synchronization, the rebirth of the war in the Middle Ages, you dominate the disputes between the powers.

Building castles, collecting resources, and training soldiers are the most important elements in "Clash of Kings". The original primitive empire is upgraded and built bit by bit, and the strength of the army can be improved one by one. You can enter the world map and compete with more powerful monsters to regain lost ground. The greatest fun is the alliance, joining forces with friendly forces to conquer other empires and conquer neighboring countries.

The global uniform server crosses races, and the world melee has no regrets in this life

There is an "alliance" in the game. After joining the alliance, players can join forces to attack other people's empires and conquer surrounding territories. When the alliance meets certain conditions, the alliance fortress can be unlocked. The leader and R4 Zengyuan can place and build the alliance fortress and hoard soldiers. The alliance fortress and the surrounding area is the territory of the alliance. In the territory of the alliance, players can obtain additional gains. In addition, alliance super mines can also be built in the alliance territory to provide massive resources for alliance members. In order to prevent damage to alliance revenue, players can also build alliance arrow towers in the alliance territory to automatically attack the invading enemy forces to protect the alliance from being captured.

How to play

Use the best real-time PVP strategy to win the war! Clash of Kings is a multiplayer online strategic war game whose main purpose is to send combat troops to the enemy and prevent its throne from rushing.

Empire League step up! Join, protect, cheat, build an empire or develop an army. This is your choice! Use your combat troops to fight online with other players from all over the world! In this real-time strategic war game, you will become the most powerful king empire!

Build tower defense to defend the throne

Your fantasy kingdom needs both a strong attack and a castle defense. The battle of kings allows you to use upgradeable buildings and a large number of medieval skills to build a huge empire so that you can defend against the throne of the enemy. Who attacked you or your enemy first?

Vivid war game graphics

The beautiful scenery and art in the conflict of kings make playing in this fantasy world an epic war adventure! Explore the world of endless empire and kingdom!

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