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Conquering Another World

Many video games have tried to place their mark in the fantasy genre but failed to make that strong impression. Still, Genshin Impact gave it a shot and found a way to make it right. Even though it borrows many gameplay elements from the last game of the “Zelda” franchise, it also adds many unique features to the mix.

This article focuses on those foundations that make this video game attractive to the public.

Genshin Impact Features

● Make Your Team: When you start the game, you’ll get the chance to customize your first characters. Afterward, you’ll meet new members that can participate in your team. Furthermore, you can try your luck and “pull” one powerful champion from the in-game store. Each crew participant will have unique stats and powerful spells/abilities. Furthermore, as you increase your account level, you’ll have more members you can use in your party.

● Equip Your Fighters: To increase the gaming experience of the community, the developers added more layers of customization. Therefore, you can increase the strength of your crew members with powerful weapons. Indeed, depending on the character, they’ll have a particular affinity to some of the items in your inventory. For example, long-range fighters might like to use a bow instead of the usual sword.

● Explore: From the start, you’ll see tons of valleys and mountains in the distance. Overall, in Genshin Impact, you have the opportunity to check this fantasy world and discover tons of secrets. Who knows, maybe you’ll get to find a chest on a hill that might have powerful items within. At the same time, you could check if there are secret items or gathering goods that you might transform into food or other things.

● In-Game Store: If, by any chance, you find that everything turns “slow” and you’re getting tools less often, you can always turn into the in-game store. Inside this virtual place, you’ll get the opportunity to obtain more in-game currency (that you can spend to pull more characters). Additionally, you might use your real-life money to buy cosmetics or items that might help you in the long run.

● Updates: Genshin Impact is a “live” video game; you’ll see a bunch of new content coming more often. Hence, if by any chance you feel that you need a little break from time to time, you’ll most definitely see something new when you return. First, there’s always a chance that you find a unique character that you might recruit to your party. Secondly, a new weapon might be waiting for you over the in-game store. Last but not least, you may discover recent events with tons of content to explore.

● Mobile: With this version, you get to play Genshin Impact everywhere. Remember, though, that you need an Internet connection to load the game and play it on your mobile device. With this feature, you can make the most of your cellphone/tablet and continue your adventure when you have the chance.

Since Genshin Impact is free, you should give it a try now! Enjoy!

How to play

Making Your Way to Become a Champion

At first, you might find all of Genshin Impact’s activities too overwhelming. To help you ease the anxiety, we give you guidelines to facilitate the “blow.”

Genshin Impact Beginners Tips

● Learn to Master the Glider: Moving around the map could become tedious if you have no idea how to use your “glider” or wings. Overall, when you keep the jump button, you’ll make your fall smoother and get better ways to control your landing. Sometimes, you’ll have better ways to reach a hidden spot if you know how to “fly” properly.

● Check How to Use Your Stamina Properly: Like “Breath of the Wild,” you have one bar that goes down when you’re character is running or climbing. As a result, traveling between places could take more time if you don’t know how to manage this resource. Furthermore, you could fall from a cliff or drown if you have no more stamina to continue the struggle. After a while, you’ll learn that some resources (Anemoculus) will help you increase your stamina bar and let you do more stuff.

● Focus on Your Favorite Characters: Reaching the highest levels (and stars) in Genshin Impact requires a lot of in-game resources. Therefore, if you’re spending your goods with the entire party, you’ll reach lots of roadblocks on your way through. Hence, it is recommendable that you focus on leveling two characters first—especially those champions with four to five stars and tools to carry your team between dungeons.

● Get a Hold on Your Experience Bars: Even though you have the chance to do a lot of activities on Genshin Impact, try to focus on leveling first. For example, you might like one dungeon that gives you tons of rewards, but your party has become too powerful for that place, and you receive less experience. With higher levels, you’ll unlock more content and have better ways to earn more resources.

● Complete the Daily Commissions: Many rewards come and go in this game; it is up to you if you want to take some advantage. These eventual quests can give you many goods that might help you in the long run. Still, it is essential to understand that you do not need to be “tied” in a single game. If you feel like Genshin Impact is too demanding, consider taking a break for a couple of days.

● Check the Drop Tables: All monsters in this video game have distinctive goods that appear when defeated. Therefore, one of these threats (especially the bosses) might give you the currency you need to improve your party. As a result, it could be nice to revisit that creature on different days of the week.

● Do the Temporal Events: Many activities come and go within Genshin Impact. Some of these features might give you another character or even customize items. Try to check the objectives and give them the time it needs before it goes away.

With a little bit of luck and tons of effort, you’ll reach that point where you’ll feel powerful in the game. Keep those spirits up!


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