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"Homescapes" is a simulated and grown-up leisure mobile game, where players simulate and operate their own manor, where they can plant and decorate their own courtyard at will. This is the manor left by the ancestors, unattended, so Players have to take over all of this, restore the manor to its original appearance, make the garden more beautiful and turn it into its original appearance, create its own small world, and uncover the secrets of the garden.

Players will embark on a heartwarming adventure. We can renovate or decorate the corners of the garden to create a small world that belongs to us, reveal the secrets in the garden, and have the most beautiful garden as the main theme. What is here? There are various types of flowers, easy and casual to eliminate the gameplay, players can quickly get started, and the super excellent cultivation method can make your garden stronger, more personalized and stylish.

How to play

● Unique gameplay: swap and match items to help Austin renovate the house!

●Interior design: You can decide the appearance of the house.

● Exciting match-3 levels: full of fun, with unique boosters and explosive combinations!

●A huge and beautiful mansion: discover all the secrets it has!

●Wonderful characters: watch their lives and communicate with each other in the social network in the game.

●Cute pets: Meet naughty and fluffy cats.

●Invite your Facebook friends to help you create your own comfortable atmosphere in the house!


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  • Bytabeirr
    it is good
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    It cool
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    hi GTA
  • ByDamian
    I love this game it so fun!
  • Bytaylor
    this game is really fun


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