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Bed Wars
Android Adventure strategy puzzle simulation single player build free Creation Minecraft Custom challenge boy girl imagination diy
  • Version :
  • Updated : October 21, 2021
  • Size : 112M
  • Developer : Blockman GO Studio

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Play and Win Bed Wars with Your Friends Today!

Playing online games against other people is exciting, but what makes it more fun is teaming up with your friends to victory. Get your friends together and play Bed Wars! Bed Wars is a thrilling action-strategy survival game that will get you and your buddies fighting for supremacy. Learn to work in teams and craft your items to protect your base and bed. The game from Minecraft is now a game of its own, and players are excited to get into it.

Bed Wars is a block game where you can play and strategize with 15 other players, making a total of 16, including you. All players will be divided into groups of 4 and have their island before the game starts. Its interface is very similar to Minecraft's, and it's easy to play.

The bed on the island will serve as the main building and act as a hub where players may buy stuff and weapons. The game's objectives include being the last team and eliminating the other team. You'll need to break the bed for the other squad to do that. A player may always be returned after being slain as long as the bed is present.

Bed Wars has a building element, one of its best characteristics. You will need to make a bridge to reach the other islands because they are all distant from one another. The game offers a building feature similar to Minecraft, where you can put blocks on which you and other players may walk. You may also use your chosen tools in Bed Wars to smash the blocks. Additionally, you'll get weapons like an ax made of wood, an extra block to use, and some arrows.

To improve your equipment or buy new tools, you'll need resources. Your island will naturally create materials for you to utilize, but you can get them by demolishing blocks. Collecting extra resources to buy new weapons or develop your current ones makes the game more accessible and boosts your chances of winning.

If players fail to guard their team's bed and get destroyed by other players, they will lose the game.

You can customize your skins with thousands of avatar skins to pick from. There are loads of options to pick from, so you can be the unique Bed Wars player!

How to play

when launch the game, and the game will automatically add you to a server. At the beginning of the game, the server will wait for 16 other players to join. The players will be divided into four equal groups and must work together to protect their island and assigned bed.

The teams will, later on, must build bridges to reach other teams' islands, and the objective is to destroy their beds to stop other teams from respawning after they've been eliminated. You also have to make weapons and learn to upgrade them to beat other teams. You can choose from a wide range of items like arrows, axes, bombs, traps, and so much more. You can purchase these items or craft them.

One of the most significant objectives is ensuring that your island and bed are safe from attackers. Create a strategy you and your teammates will all agree on to win the game. If you fail to create a united strategy, your team will lose.

You can make sure you and your friends are working together by using the chat option to stay connected with everyone.

Suggested Strategies

Bed Wars is a very competitive game; you need a fool-proof strategy to win with your team.

● Assign team member roles

Not everyone can stay close to their base and guard and protect. You must agree on who will set out to build bridges and eliminate other opponents and who will stay and defend your bed. This strategy will ensure that people are going out to take out the enemies and people left behind to ensure that you respawn if you get eliminated.

● Go on pairs - two attackers, and two defenders

Using this strategy will make sure that everyone on your team is protected. You will look out for each other and protect each other from other attackers.

● Collect as many materials as you can

Fortify your base and strengthen your weapons by collecting materials to upgrade them. Staying in the game with primary weapons and materials will not help you get very far. You can also purchase in-game weapons, skins, and other items to strengthen your avatar and increase your team's chances of winning.

● Get to the other teams before they organize their defense

 Collect and upgrade as much weaponry as possible and attack other teams' bases as soon as possible. Bring as many tools as possible to have spares if they break. This technique will surprise them as most teams tend to protect and fortify their base before planning their attacks.

Important Reminder

Bed Wars is an online game where you'll be able to play with strangers on the internet. The internet may not be a safe place for everyone. Because of this, ensure you do not give any sensitive or critical information to people you do not know online. Keep your conversation in the game about the game and your strategies to win.

Also, remember to be respectful and not use inappropriate words when playing. Players may report you for bad behavior, so keep the games fun and clean. If you do not have a bank account and have to ask your parents to purchase in-game items, always ask for permission before buying anything.

Most importantly, have fun and start winning!


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