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Fruit Ninja Free

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Fruit Ninja Classic is a very popular casual game, despite the simple operation and gameplay, it is very addictive! Fruit Ninja Classic is believed to be a childhood memory for most people, and the simple game mode will allow us to reap a lot of fun.

From the center of the blank screen will be thrown from the bottom of many fruits, the player only needs to slide the screen with his finger, cut each fruit to complete the goal. Sounds a bit tedious, but the actual operation, cut each fruit are overflowing juice, the whole process is very easy to relieve stress, but also a sense of achievement.

Fruit Ninja Classic has several game modes, classic mode, challenge mode, two-player mode and so on. Not only can you enjoy it alone, but you can also invite your friends to compete with you in the two-player mode to see who will be the final winner.

Depending on the player's preference, the game can be set up with different fruit cutting backgrounds and special effects, so choose your favorite and start cutting fruits!

How to play

Fruit Ninja Classic is very simple to play, so to speak, there is no skill, players can complete the game objectives by swiping their fingers!

When the fruit pops out from under the screen, quickly run your finger over the fruit to cut it; cut all the fruit before it falls out of the screen. If there is a missed fruit not cut on the player will affect the score of this game, if you miss three fruits, the game is over. In addition to fruits, some bombs and special effects will pop up, don't cut the bombs; on the contrary, special effects will help you to get higher score. You can also win higher scores by slicing multiple fruits in a row.

In different game modes, players have to complete the corresponding objectives, but the basic operation will not be very different.

Pull out your sword and start cutting fruits!


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    i love
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    i cant play this is not fare!
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    eu nao gosto dele
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    eu nao gosto dele
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    Uh duh the game is dumb



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