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Farm Heroes Saga

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Farm Heroes Saga is a highly intriguing and energizing game that features a lot of nutritious food. The most exciting aspect about Farm Heroes Saga is the variety of difficulties and perilous circumstances you will encounter because of flowers and ducklings in the game. It is put up structurally quite similarly to any other King release. Every level is listed on a map that resembles a board game, and each one must be completed in order to access the next.

The main objective of the game is to gather a set of assets and advance to a certain level on the development meter. For instance, the game can instruct you to gather 12 apples, 20 raindrops, and 15 strawberries in order to grow by 100%. When the two main goals have been accomplished, you earn magic beans as a bonus prize and advance to a new level. Other goals include gathering blooming flowers and defeating evil Rancid at the stage's completion.

Purchase additional moves, more lives, and other items using gold bars. The game offers twenty free. They must be purchased with Facebook credits. Save them for your toughest stages and only use them occasionally. When you are unable to make fruit pairings, special boosters can be quite helpful. Once the limit is exhausted, you receive a free booster every 5 to 10 hours.

As you advance through the stages, different types of challenges and components will be included. There are tiles with grass that will add bonuses if you harvest on them, eggs which need to be paired to hatch into a single chick, that need to be paired with two of its companions to be collected, and so on. From one step to the next, the board's size and form also change. If you're struggling, you can utilize some more of the magical beans that you will unlock by passing through the standard stages to provide your matches a little extra power. 

When you have finished all the goals but still have moves left, Hero Mode is activated. This option offers the chance to acquire more fruits, refill the growth meter, and gather more magic beans since a +1 boost is added to resources and fruits. Power-ups are the only way to continue playing. You are only given a certain number of free power-ups per day in Farm Heroes Saga, and if you feel that there aren't enough of them, you can simply pay money to buy more to meet your needs.


A fantastic element in Farm Heroes Saga is the shifting objectives in each level, which makes it more fun and provides a new beginning. You should definitely give Farm Heroes Saga a try and discover all of its amazing features and you will find yourself glued to this awesome game in no time!

How to play

In Farm Heroes Saga by King, your goal is to gather the ideal livestock and supplies for your farm. You'll pick flowers, hatch chickens, acquire animals, and even battle Rancid the Raccoon along the way. Whether you're a newbie in Farm Heroes Saga or just seeking ways to improve your gaming abilities, follow the given walkthrough to overcome the barriers. 

You will represent as a farmer in Farm Heroes Saga along with two adorable companions: a dog wearing rubber shoes and a pig wearing goggles. The main task that the game asks you to complete is to prevent your opponent, a nasty raccoon called Rancid, from laying over your farm. You must defeat the evil Rancid before he destroys the farm with the aid of your small pals and powers. In the top left corner of the screen, his life meter is displayed as a percentage, but harvesting particular crops will lower it. Prior to using up all of your available moves, you must reduce his health to zero. 

You can touch and slide a piece in any direction with the goal of matching three or more pieces of the same type in a row, either horizontally or vertically. You will be rewarded if you match four of the same kind at once, whether in one row or in horizontal/vertical combinations. Investigate farm-themed puzzles and adventures in a variety of interactive modes, including Rancid boss fights!

● Tap play, once the game has loaded. You'll reach the map if you do this.

● You will have a video to help you through the first few stages. Assemble the steps.

● To make a match, you need three or more moves. Swipe an item in the crop that is comparable upward, downwards, left, or right. An apple is placed between two carrots, and a third carrot is placed directly above the apple. To make a match and remove all three carrots, swipe the carrot downward.

● You can use a booster to help you as you advance through the game. Select the desired boost by tapping its symbol. You might need to hit the green checkbox to confirm the action before the item activates on its own.

● To gain the things you need, you might have to get rid of some other things. Be cautious not to use up all of your options.

● Before your moves run out, gather a variety of Cropsies to complete the level.

● To activate Farm Club, complete levels and collect magic beans.

● Rechargeable boosters, unique power-ups, and Farming Club animals assist you in completing the difficult stages.

● Hundreds of rich levels to accomplish, with new ones being added every two weeks!

● Watch your peers and rivals on the leaderboards!

● Synchronize the game between devices, when connected with the internet unlock all of the game's features.

● The unlocked creatures can then be traded for boosters. Select the Farm Club icon to learn which special levels grant access to each animal.

● To hire a chicken, duck, or frog and receive a  booster, you will need to achieve one star on levels 7, 18, and 38, respectively. Collect two stars in the same stages to obtain three or more creatures that can be used as power-ups.

Please feel  to share your gaming adventures in the comment section below to motivate more users to play this game.


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