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Call of Duty: Ghosts

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"Call of Duty: Ghost" is a shooting game that fights for survival. Ten years after a devastating large-scale event, the balance of global power has changed. With few remaining special operations forces in the country, a mysterious group known only as "ghosts" led the counterattack against emerging, technologically advanced global powers. Players play the role of the weak in the new Call of Duty world. The number of players is large, so it is necessary to fight for the survival of the country and individuals in more intense individual battles. Gamers will learn brand new characters and visit regions in a changing world.

How to play

In Call of Duty: Ghost, you can create a class or a soldier. Players can change the appearance of their soldiers by selecting the head, body type, helmet and equipment, and in the game, players can also choose their gender. The new dynamic map is the development of multiplayer games. They include interactive elements and player-triggered events that allow the environment to evolve with each game. The whole pattern may change and force players to change tactics and strategies. The new contextual tilt system now allows players to tilt obstacles without adding button combinations or leaving the bunker completely. The new loading and unloading system allows fluid to move on objects while maintaining power. Knee sliding allows a natural transition from squatting to prone. More than 20 new killing stripes have been added to Call of Duty: Spectre, such as Juggernaut Maniac, Helo Scout, Vulture and ODIN Strike.

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    fuck me
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    cool game
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    this game is fun to play
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    it a good game
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    i want to play the game


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