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If you like puzzle games where you have to merge the matching things, then Merge Mansion is the game for you. This is a popular merge game that uses match-three type gameplay. The story of the game is about an old house, and it has broken down into a few pieces, and by merging elements you have to restore the estate to its prime status. Instead of spending time on various levels, you have to merge different elements and create new items that will be useful for the mansion. When you know How to play this game, completing the game with more merges on the screen will not be difficult for you. So, if you like to play a game where you get to merge the elements and get more rewards, you must know the tips on winning the levels, and in this article, we have explained the tricks for you. Check out the full information on this puzzle game.

Merge Mansion is a merging game available for Android and iOS devices. You have to match and get garden tools to clear the weed from the estate garden and merge other things to get new things. When you click on each item, it will show your progression on that object. Some of the parts of the game take time to develop, so you have to wait for a few elements. If you are unable to wait for a long time, you can use coins to speed things up. But the coins are limited, so to buy more you have to use real money. You can earn some diamonds and coins when you play. 

Other than the in-app purchase, you will find this game very intriguing. You will be left of the mansion ground, and the house has not been used in fifty years, and this place requires a makeover. You have to begin with cleaning the yard, merging tools, finding magical things, and discovering mysteries. This is a fun puzzle game, and you won't just be renovating a stranger's house, but you can give a touch of your personal touch. Once you are finished with the mansion makeover, it can be your home. 

Merge Mansion will teach you new things about the estate and other characters and you will get new experiences throughout the gameplay. It has some best features that make this a learning yet addictive puzzle game. Let's look at the main features below: 

● You can enjoy the game and feel relaxed while playing this game with kind dialogue from the characters

● Explore the place and find the unique locations

● You will get plot twists in the mystery mansion. 

● Match the items to give a makeover to the mansion, and you have to solve flowers and tools puzzles. 

● Decorate; renovate the mansion with your choice of things. 

You will get more than a hundred puzzles in this game, and it will keep you interested in unfolding the mysteries of the mansion. You will get to see the pictures before and after of the house. You have to solve the puzzles and riddles of the rooms, improve the interior, merge gems and discover the mysteries of the estate. You will get help from "Grandma Boulton," who has not opened up to her grandchildren about the house, but after a long time has given the key to the mansion to Maddie, which will be your character. The grandma hasn't touched anything in the house and kept it as it was. 

You have to join Maddie in this quest of restoring the house, cleaning the gardens, and merging various items to solve the hidden mystery. Although it's a free game, you can buy coins and diamonds with real money. You will get new updates like the improved speed of "Rufus park," in level thirty, fourth of July celebration features, a new event for cleaning up the trash, and other improvements and small fixes. To play this game perfectly, you must have the correct ideas, you can follow the below gameplay steps. 

How to play

Once you go through the Description of this merge and puzzle game, you must know the gaming structure. This is a puzzle game, and you need some tips that will help you merge the elements and unravel the secrets. To understand the game, you have to follow the techniques. 

Check out the step-by-step rules to play and have the best fun with the Merge Mansion game.

Step #1

You have to combine the items as required and you will get a bigger element. You have to merge things in the garden to make tools, and the merged thing will help you solve the mystery of the mansion. You will get various permanent products from merging the elements, and from them, you will create things for tasks. 

Step #2

The garden will appear dirty at first, and most things are hidden and occupied by something else. You have to focus on cleaning the dirt first. Once you unblock a few things, you can easily progress towards the mansion. To clean the place, you just have to merge things with the others. 

Step #3

You are focusing on cleaning; you will also have to pay attention to the tasks. Once you have almost uncluttered the place, you have to concentrate on finishing the tasks. When you finish the tasks, you will get XP or blue stars. If you want to create higher-grade items, you will need the blue stars. You have to create a high-class gardening toolbox, so you get several things in one section. 

Step #4

When you level up, you will get three types of boosters, and you can use them when you are merging items. In the eighth level, you will get a bronze chest filled with coins, an energy chest, and a brown chest. Also, when you complete missions and tasks, you will get more rewards. 

Step #5

You can break the piggy banks to get more diamonds, and it will make the task faster. You can even merge the piggy banks. Also, pay attention to the merged items, if you do not store them in the inventory, they will cover the ground. 

Merge Mansion is a game for discovery and puzzle game lovers. You will get no complex rules in this game; it's just simply merging the elements and earning more coins and diamonds to get complete the renovation and decoration of the mansion. This game is addictive once you start to play it. You will come up with new tactics while you play. You need to collect more coins and diamonds with XP to use them to get faster merges. You will get new updates like the improved speed of "Rufus park," in level thirty, fourth of July celebration features, a new event for cleaning up the trash, other improvements and small fixes, and many more. 

So, without wasting much time playing other dull games, if you are a fan of merging and puzzle games, you can play this merging game on your mobile. You can enjoy the fun of merging the elements, finishing tasks, and collecting more coins. Also, remember that if you love playing this game, you can always share your comments, reviews, and feedback in the comment section on this page. Your reviews will influence other merging and puzzle game lovers to play this game, and they can also share their opinions and reviews. Let us create a game community for the Merge Mansion game and assist others.


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