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Bad Piggies

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In "Tricky Pig", the protagonist becomes those green pigs, assembled by matching a limited number of parts to make the pigs can move from the starting point to the end of the tool. Each level has a different task. Before the game begins, you must assemble movable items (such as vehicles and flying machines) with parts within a limited number of squares and make the items reach the end. In each level, the number of assembly cells, parts, and conditions for passing the game are set and cannot be changed.

At the beginning of the game, players can also manipulate balloons, soda bottles, motors, sandbags and other parts.

Players will be in the game for the green piggy think of ways to steal bird eggs to reach the end as the ultimate goal.

Piggy is the main character of the game, but some levels will appear in the sleeping "Angry Birds" birds, some levels in the bird characters such as a little closer to the piggy, will jump on the slingshot to the piggy attack, it is said that the bad piggy follow the imagination of Ross, Ross is a pig with freckles, his hobby is to build land and air vehicles to transport him, an egg and the king pig. Features in the game during the Halloween update include: hidden loot boxes, custom parts for custom vehicles, skeletons that can be found throughout the game, and most recently, "Cake Race" where you can compete against other players in real time!

In the cake race, players can race with another player, but play separately, the purpose is to get points, points can be obtained in the cake. If special explosives are detonated in the middle of the game, or if one player gets all (5) cakes, the game will end and the player with the higher score will win.

With over 200 levels, and a free update coming soon, you'll have hours of piggy-bashing, exploding, and flying fun! Earn three stars to unlock over 40 levels! Tip: Sometimes you need to play the game multiple times to reach all your goals - try building new devices or otherwise maneuvering to win all the championships!

How to play

The premise of the game is that the player is on the side of the pig and not on the side of the bird, and must make vehicles to reach the map/block/finish line instead of dismantling the pig fortress to save the eggs. Players also have requirements to complete levels, such as carrying eggs or candy pumpkins

In Bad Piggies, the player is tasked with creating a tool that enables Ross to reach the goal of each level, except for the Sandbox and Dream of Dreams levels. However, a limited number of resources are provided in the form of parts for the player to use; these parts can do many things that may affect the performance of the vehicle, such as soda bottles and firework rockets (such as boosters, fans and rotors to provide propulsion, or even TNT crates, etc.). These parts will be assembled in the form of a "build grid" that the player cannot start the race without putting Ross anywhere before they can start trying.

Physics principles apply to the vehicle (weight, force and aerodynamics) and players may compensate or use the medium to benefit from the willingness to reach the goal while manipulating the various parts to reach the goal. For example, lighter parts (such as wood) will have a lighter structure, which means faster speeds, higher aerodynamic properties, and the ability to achieve them in less time. However, the material itself will be susceptible to damage due to lack of strength. Similarly, heavier parts will have a stronger structure but be heavier, resulting in them being less prone to damage, less aerodynamic, more grippy, and better anchored to surfaces. However, this results in slower speeds due to the weight of the material.

Similar to other Angry Birds games, the level is rated by stars, however, it is not scored by rating the player's performance, but rather by achieving secondary objectives, such as obtaining a " Star Box", completing the level without using parts, possibly attempting not to destroy the level. vehicles, or reaching the goal in standard time (twice the standard time for Road Hogs levels). Once the goal is reached, the player will be rewarded with stars

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