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Peppa Pig: Sports Day

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Everyone admires the cuteness and very adorable personality of Peppa Pig. Her character is primarily popular with the children. Thus, parents are also being entertained by only watching it. Now, Peppa Pig cannot be only seen on television. Game developers have created the cutest game to be played by your kids called Peppa Pig Sports Day.

Peppa Pig is a cable television series for children which shows the stories of Peppa Pig's family and their friends' journey, setbacks, and companionship. They usually project the everyday lives and misadventures of Peppa Pig, George, her brother, Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, and everyone in their lovely hometown. Peppa Pig is famously known for her strong British accent, which the viewers usually mimic.

Peppa has made many friends who are also various kinds of animals. Her mates are Rebecca Rabbit, Candy Cat, and Suzy Sheep.

Now, why is Peppa Pig popular with children?

Parents believe that Peppa Pig's plotlines and episodes help their kids understand, recognize, and acknowledge their feelings, thoughts, and perceptions, which they may experience as they grow older.

With that, to widen the reach of the Peppa Pig world, game developers decided to create a mobile game application with a Peppa Pig theme that children of any age could play.

The Peppa Pig Sports Day game focuses on a day where Peppa and her friends compete in different kinds of sports. The primary instruction of the game is that you can play or participate in the following sports:

● Obstacle Race

● Long Jump

● Ice Cream Making

● Bicycle Race

● Tug of War

● Rosette Making

There are instances in the game where your character can be joined by Peppa Pig's friends and family members to help in the games such as tug of war and racing games. Still, you can play as one player in the game application if you would like.

The Peppa Pig Sports Day would also unleash your inner creativity skills by decorating your ice cream cone or sundae in the Ice Cream Making game and accessorizing your ribbon rosette. Every time you win a particular game, you will receive a sticker that you can use to beautify the scenery.

Peppa Pig Sports Day is a multiplayer game, which means that it can be played by you and your friends or parents altogether. Playing this game app can help you develop interpersonal skills by creating collaborative and competent gaming boundaries while having a nice time.

The Peppa Pig Sports Day game is adapted from the original episode of the Peppa Pig cartoon television season, which was aired on December 25, 2006, in Nick Jr. Its main plot was a special day at Peppa Pig's playground which was called "sports day." Their sports day takes place in their school and consists of many exciting events and games to play.

This game application can be played by children ages three to five years old or the kindergarten and five to seven years old, also known as the primary students. It is also available in the App Store for iOS and google for Android devices.

How to play

To give you an in-depth explanation of the Peppa Pig Sports Day gameplay, here are the ways on how to play this game.

Step 1: Choose the profile that you will use for the game.

Step 2: Choose an event on the sports day that you want to play. There are seven options that you can choose from in the game.

Step 3: Choose your desired character for each game you will play

Step 4: If you choose the OBSTACLE RACE, you will need to lightly tap the button of your character to jump over the obstacles like the muddy puddle to win the race. After you have won the OBSTACLE RACE, you will earn a sticker.

Step 5: If you choose the BICYCLE RACE, you will need to lightly tap the button of your character to pedal your bicycle. There are many hills, and pedaling faster to go up the hill. Remember not to pedal when you are going downhill. After you have won the BICYCLE RACE, you will earn a sticker.

Step 6: If you choose the ICE CREAM MAKING, you will help Madame Gazelle to make delicious ice cream.

Step 7: You will need to touch the ingredients and add them to the bowl. Make sure that you have put all the required ingredients together.

Step 8: Move the whisk and mix all the ingredients in the bowl. After making the ice cream, you can choose two of your desired flavors and mix them with a spoon.

Step 9: Put the mixture in the ice cream by touching it. After making the ice cream, you can choose where to put it and touch the machine to put your ice cream in your container.

Step 10: You can also add sauce and toppings to your ice cream. After you have finished the ICE CREAM MAKING, you will earn a sticker.

Step 11: If you choose the TUG OF WAR, you must assign two different players to each side. You will need to tap the characters on your side to pull the tug and win the game. After you have finished the TUG OF WAR, you will earn a sticker.

Step 12: If you choose the LONG JUMP, you will need to tap the button of your character to run fast lightly. The quicker you tap, the better your jump will be. You will need to jump and splash into the mud. The winner is the one who jumps the farthest. After you have finished the LONG JUMP, you will earn a sticker.

Step 13: You will first choose your rosette shape if you choose the ROSETTE MAKER. It can be a circle, star, or heart.

Step 14: Choose a ribbon for your rosette, and touch the tick box when you've made your choice.

Step 15: Choose a fun pattern for your rosette, and touch the tick box when you've made your choice.

Step 16: Choose a color for your rosette, and touch the tick box when you've made your choice.

Step 17: Choose another color for your rosette. Touch the tick box when you've made your choice.

Step 18: All done! You have made your rosette for the sports day.

There is no doubt that Peppa Pig's goofy and cute personality is being adored and loved by its viewers, which are the children. Thus, they have made it into an interactive game where kids can play and participate in Peppa Pig's big day, the Sports Day!

How about you? Have you experienced playing and exploring Peppa Pig Sports Day game app? Let us hear some feedback about your Peppa Pig Sports Day gaming experience. 


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