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Skater 3D Simulator

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Skater 3d Simulator is the game to play for all skateboard lovers out there. Skateboarders only please. Come and explore the huge maps with skate ramps and jumps. Control the boarder as he makes his way through the street and smashes his way to victory. When you play Skater 3D Simulator, you will find yourself skating your way in the city and competing against other skateboarders. Have fun smashing all obstacles in your way. Go for the highscore every time you play. Do you think you are up for the challenge? Download and get on your board now!


- Control the 3D Skater.

- Skate down the street and match up with other skaters

- Real skating moves and tricks.

- Excellent 3d graphics with snow and rain effects.

- Awesome music and sound effects.

How to play

Pig Skater Simulator is a fun simulation game in which players take on their own adventures, avoiding obstacles and creating chaos with their skateboards. The game is rich in gameplay, with lots of interesting props and tools to unlock, making it very playable.

1, skateboards, jetpacks and other props can be bought in the shop, soar in the sky!

2, boast to observe it you will find that this pig is on a mission, you have to do is crazy destruction.

3, the city map is very large, after creating chaos to quickly leave, do not get caught.

Go and customise your character's appearance, buy various types of skateboards and let's start adventuring through the city together, destroying everything in your way ahead of you, you won't be harmed and this will also give you bonus points.


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