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Stickman Basketball 2017
  • price : Free
  • OS : AndroidIOS
  • Version : 1.0
  • Updated : May 19, 2014
  • Size : 24.3MB
  • Developer : Djinnworks e.U.


Are you looking for a basketball game to play on your mobile? Then Stickman Basketball 2017 is the game for you. The most exciting part of this game is that you won't get humans, but stick figures playing the game, which is more fun. You will get more than thirty teams in the basketball games, and they have different uniforms as well. Besides, you will get different courts where you can play the games. Stickman Basketball 2017 is equipped with many modes such as tournament, professional career, friendly, and season mode. The challenging thing about this game is that you will three difficulty modes that match your progress in the gameplay. It's an easy game to play if you follow some tips and tricks, and learn How to play the levels, that way it will not be a tough game for you. So, if you would like to try a game where you can score more baskets, and defeat your opponents, you must know the winning tips, and here in this article, we have described the tactics for you. Check out the full explanation of this game. 

The technique of this game is very simple yet realistic. You will get only two buttons, to shoot and to pass. Using these two buttons you can win the entire game. Stickman Basketball 2017 is a fun and simple game for basketball lovers. Although you will not get rich graphics, the animation is great. You are expected to have more teams, and you have to face new challenges every day. You will get to choose any team you want and be victorious to receive lucrative rewards. You can play with several modes and can enjoy the multiplayer game with your friends. You can get this game for free on your Android and iOS device. 

Stickman Basketball 2017 is filled with fun and exciting experiences that you will not find with any platform racing and action fighting games. It has some unique features that make this game addictive. Check out the specific features here: 

● You will get a team editor

● Play with official teams of WBCBL

● Avail one hundred and fifteen teams to choose from

● You can play in multiplayer mode with four controllers. 

● The game offers quick knockout, cups, leagues, seasons, a special graveyard, and party mode with tutorials. 

● Get smooth animation 

● Manual and automatic running

● Powerful yet simple touch and time controls

● You will get three difficulty levels, and you can complete the seasons this way

● Get lots of balls, and dunks. 

Stickman Basketball 2017 has over one hundred and fifty basketball games to choose from. You will get three difficulty levels, which will help you in the higher levels. You will get different modes, and you can play it with your friends. The game allows four controllers in one play. 

You can increase the quarter time in the game if you want to play for a longer time. Compete in a twenty-nine, fifteen, and nine-round season or go for the three-styled game where you have to face sixteen teams. You have to use your joystick to control the game and aim for the main two controls to win the games. You can choose running modes, game length, and costumes for your team. 

How to play

Stickman Basketball 2017 is a  game. You will get upgrades every week, or once a month, and it will be filled with bug fixes, performance improvements, and other things that will help you win the levels. To play this game you need to know the right strategies, and to have the perfect ideas, you can follow the steps below. 

Once you read the Description of this stick figure basketball game, you need to know how to play the game. As this is a stick-figure basketball game, you must have some tips up on your sleeves to prepare yourself for the gameplay. To understand the tactics, let's follow the game method below. 

Check the step-by-step process to play and have fun with the Stickman Basketball 2017 Game. 

Step #1

You will get to play a traditional basketball game with stick figures on this gaming platform. You will get no fouls or backcourt violations. The game has a twenty-four-second shot clock, but the pace is faster so it's not a factor. 

Step #2

You have to control your joystick to control the game. You can adjust the passes using the small arrow on your mobile screen. At the time of defense, you need to use the switch button. If you face the opponent, who has the ball, you need to click on the block or jump button to steal the basketball from the stick figure. 

Step #3

You will get some unlockable contents that include different dunk methods and basketball styles. You can play Slam dunks at a slow pace for better emphasis, and it's fun to see the stick figures making the jumps. 

Step #4

The twenty-four-second game clock runs faster, and for a full game, it will run only a few minutes. You have to play this basketball game for a short time, and for this, you can increase the play time, if you want to enjoy the game for a long time. 

Step #5

Your character stick figure may get tired and fatigued once they run on the court, and this will impact the ability to shoot and handle the ball. You can allow your stick figures to catch their breath first, prep them, and then hand over the basketball to them. 

Stickman Basketball 2017 is for stick figure basketball game lovers. You will get no complexities in this game platform, it's mostly about scoring baskets, and while you do the job you will have to play in teams and within a short time. You will get special updates for this game, and the updates may appear after a week or some months, and you will get performance improvement, bug fixes, and other special updates that will make the game interesting. 

So, why waste time playing other video games, when you can play this stick figure basketball game on your mobile. Also, keep in mind that while you plan and enjoy this Stickman Basketball 2017 game, you can always share your reviews, feedback, and your thought in the below comment section. Your feedback will influence other stick figure basketball game lovers to play this game of strategy, and they too will share their experiences. Let's build a game community for the Stickman Basketball 2017 game and help others.

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